Release Notes June 2022

Sorting has been added to Asset list to assist in better visualisation

To sort the list

  1. Navigate to Resources > Assets
  2. Click on the action menu next to each column header
  3. Select sort by ASC or sort by DESC
  4. Sorting can also be done using the arrows that appear next to column names on hover


  1. Sorting is not available for column Asset type. This will be available in our future release
  2. We will be adding sorting functionality to other resources such as Location and People in future

The event modal header has been re-designed, as well as the modal tabs for Overview, Resource, Hierachy and Time tracking.

  • Call to action buttons across kadray have been updated to the new designs.
  • Clicking on the status in the Event list will now display the status list drop-down. This drop-down would previously occur only on clicking the arrow.
  • Fix on homepage where administrator and try again buttons would appear in bold.
  • Issue fixed where a person removed from kadray would appear as a blank icon in the event list.
  • Issue where a person removed from kadray would appear as an empty chip in the Event modal has now been resolved.
  • Issue resolved where changing the status in the event list would sometimes retain the old status.
  • Bug resolved where editing the start & end dates on the event list would not apply.
  • Fixed an issue where concurrent signifier would incorrectly appear when updating the start & end dates on the event list.
  • Bug resolved where template location search was displaying conflicts when editing.
  • Ability to see tooltip on inactive statuses in event list has now been restored.
  • Issue resolved where qualifications and currencies were not truncating when exceeding one line.